See No Evil, Hear No Evil Review

See No Evil, Hear No Evil Review

I’m going to say right off the bat that See No Evil, Hear No Evil is not the best work of either Gene Wilder‘s or Richard Pryor‘s careers. It’s good. Sometimes it’s very good, other times it’s not so good. But I think this is the best way I can pay tribute to the recently deceased Gene Wilder and also to the not-so-recently deceased Richard Pryor because of my relationship to the film. You see my dad was, and still is, super big  into comedy films and when I was a child there were several different films that if they came on the TV we would pretty much abandon all other plans to watch them. Things like The Pink Panther series with Peter SellersThe Naked Gun with Leslie NielsenThe Blues Brothers with John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd and, as it happens, See No Evil, Hear No Evil. These films basically laid the foundation for my interest in film comedy so I hope this review can serve as both a thank you and a goodbye to one of the great film comedians. So without further ado, let’s get on with the review.

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Guess who’s back…

Hello, everyone! First off apologies for the long absence. It was due to a combination of having a Masters Thesis to complete and getting more hours at work than I could manage. But now I’m back and I’ll be posting a new review this Thursday. However, I have decided to make a few changes to the format of this blog. From here on out, this blog will only be doing Special Interest Reviews, which will now be released on Thursdays. This Thursday’s article will be a belated tribute to the late, great Gene Wilder where I take a trip down memory lane and discuss the film I first saw him in, See No Evil, Hear No Evil. On Monday I’ll release the first in a series of opinion articles  where I may talk about any random film-related news or issues that pop into my head. As for new releases… they will be getting a special new home in the weeks to come but as a last hurrah for their time spent on this blog, I’d like to take the opportunity to, in 100 words or less, give my thoughts on some recent releases that I missed in my absence. So let’s start with…

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